Hello guardians! This week doesn’t have much in store because I am heading paws first into finals week and have more papers and exams than I can currently handle. Since I am about halfway through this tier (my guild killed H WIll last night making us 7/16 H and 9/16H once we steamroll Garalon and Wind Lord tonight), I wanted to do a little look back on the tier so far and what I really like about it from a tank perspective and what I don’t like.

Stone Guard

Great tank mechanic. Seemed incredibly complex at first, but turned out to be pretty simple as long as you have quick taunts. Definitely the right difficulty on heroic for the first boss, pretty much as long as everybody pays attention then you have a kill.

Feng the Accursed

Another amazing tank mechanic. It’s nice to have a fight where tanks literally hold the success of the group in their hands. Plus the Reversal ability is a lot of fun to play with and I still love stunning him with Lightning Fist. My only dislike about is that the Shadow phase is pretty much negated by two tanks with huge Vengeance stacks, so the ability of your dos to AoE appropriately is pretty unimportant.

Gara’jal the Spiritbinder

Another very interesting mechanic tank wise. On normal mode this guy is a total snoozefest since there is literally no real threat to your raid, but on heroic he gets pretty awesome. I like that the fight rewards perfect CD usage by benefitting the whole raid and not just you. However on a negative note, Voodoo Dolls does make some tanks much better than others.

Spirit Kings

I really enjoyed this fight on normal. No tank specific jobs to do, but tons of moving parts that made it more than interesting enough. Flanking Orders is a fun ability, and the way that the various boss abilities interact with each other is pretty cool. Then I did it on heroic, and a lot of wipes later this is my least favorite boss of the tier. To be fair, most of that hate is because of the random order (thank god they fixed it in the patch), but it also has to do with people getting randomly cleaved by Qiang for no real reason, tanks being targeted by Shadows, and various other annoying things. Really good concept here, but like all personal responsibility bosses it was incredibly frustrating.


Probably the best fight this tier. Several distinct phases, dynamic adds with mechanics that take creativity to deal with. Lots of opportunities for cool tricks. If Blizzard makes more fights like this I will be a very happy bear.

Will of the Emperor

Really cool fight, but it lasts way too long. The Dance mechanic is really cool and all, but after 11 minutes I start to get tired of doing the whole thing over and over again. Granted, our heroic kill was awesome because I soloed the last .1% by myself, but if the fight only lasted 6 or 7 minutes I would enjoy it much more.

Imperial Vizier Zor’lok

Total slam dunk on Blizz’s part. Different phases, cool tank mechanic (Exhale), and lots of fun to be had by all. Can’t wait to try this on heroic and dodge Attenuation like a bawss.

Blade Lord Tayak

Kinda amazing we got this far before finding a true “taunt at 2 stacks” taunt swap mechanic. I really like the last phase as guardian because I can zoom way ahead of everybody else and not worry about dying. My only problem is that the Unseen Strike is pretty finicky, but that’s not too big a deal and once you figure out how to handle it it isn’t a problem.


After really disliking this boss way back in beta testing, I was surprised to find this was one of my more favorite bosses. The pheromones mechanic is lots of fun to perfect, and its nice to not worry about tanking in the traditional sense. I wish I got to handle pheromones more than I do, instead of handing it off to the ranged dps. Still a damn good fight IMO.

Wind Lord Mel’jarak

I’m not gonna be lie, my primary source of excitement on this fight is going ape-shit crazy on AoE in the beginning of the phase. Doing ridiculous number, although totally broken, is lots of fun and its hard to not love it. I wish there was another mechanic in the last phase for tanks to deal with, but I’m too bothered about it.

Amber Shaper Unsok

Talk about cool mechanics. This fight is full of really good ideas that make for a really good encounter. Turning into an abomination is something I have loved since Putricide, and being able to put out decent dos while converted is lots of fun. I really wish tanks could get controlled in the last phase so I could be an abomination more, but oh well. Another really good fight.

Grand Empress Shek’zeer

Pretty boring for tanks most of the time. I have always been on Reaver duty, so I pretty much get to tank and spank the entire fight. Guess you can’t win them all. I really wish they did more with the buff you get from tanking reavers. The only interesting thing I do the entire encounter is sprint around gleefully spreading glorious dps buffs.

Protectors of the Endless

I’m a big fan of council fights, since they always give you variation due to the different kill orders. So far I have always been tanking Kaolan, but I have to say I probably have too much fun trying to draw shapes with the pools he drops after one Protector dies. Trying to utilize the room the best when doing elite mode is also pretty fun.


For a healer fight, I really like this one. Night phase is nothing special for us tanks, but I like being able to HotW and help out the heals in the Day and nuke down those little adds with Bear Hug. For a pretty simple tank fight mechanics wise I actually quite enjoy this one.

Lei Shi

The only other fight I actively dislike. This entire fight just really annoys me. Hide is just really stupid, especially since the only thing I can do is just sit there. Spray is a weird tank mechanic in my opinion, and the fact that you can’t get rage when protectors spawn is just obnoxious. This is really the only encounter in the tier where I can’t wait for it to be over.

Sha of Fear

Wonderful fight, if a little long. Thrash interacts with our new AM system in a wonderful way. I find the platforms to be very refreshing since I just zoom around picking up orbs. Lasts a little long and the phases become a little repetitive, but heroic mode looks like it will really deliver.

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