Hello Guardians!

We’ve had a few “announcements” – I dunno what you’d call GC saying things on Twitter – and some hotfixes in the last week. Nothing major though.

T15 Set Bonuses

Wens posted about the new bonuses already but I wanted to add my $0.02 as it were. I actually really like the 2pc bonus. There will always be time where Savage Defense isn’t up and can’t be used – but your Rage income remains constant. Now you can use that Rage to buy yourself some time to let the charges recover, in an incredibly efficient manner. If you time it right it’s totally possible to get a full charge in the first 20 seconds of a fight.

The key will be communicating with your healers about what you’re doing because they’ll probably panic if they see you purposely going low. But the point is being able to handle tank damage over an even bigger constant window than we can now. The downside is that most Guardians won’t be able to take advantage of it to a big extent. However those at the top end of the skill curve will abuse the hell out of this.

GC actually just posted an hour ago what the percentage is for the 4pc Guardian bonus:

The Guardian 4pc is currently a 50% increase to rage generation while Enraged.

Holy. Shitballs.

That makes Enrage now generate 35 Rage instead of 30. It also means you would pop it after Incarnation in order to generate the maximum amount of RPS. It’s not a problem for Berserk since it is off the GCD. That makes it incredibly powerful for swaps and the start of encounter where Rage is the most important.

My gut reaction is that is incredibly overpowered. But without having done any actual raid testing of the new content I can’t really say one way or the other.

Gear Upgrades Removed

It was announced this morning by Bashiok that the gear upgrade vendor will be removed in 5.2. That means there won’t be any additional gear inflation beyond what we already knew. However that doesn’t change the prospect of Guardians potentially capping Mastery sometime in T16.

Vengeance Capped

In the middle of last week there were unconfirmed reports that Vengeance had been capped at max HP. Hotfix notes later confirmed these reports.

My initial gut reaction was that this was a bad thing, since the whole purpose of Vengeance to begin with was that it had a floating cap based on damage intake. After thinking about it for a couple of days and some discussions on the official forums, it’s not a big deal at all. It’ll affect Monks and Warriors long before it will ever effect Guardians (if ever – which is extremely unlikely).

The cap was introduced to prevent a gimmick with how Vengeance calculations interacted with high value absorbs. The only thing it will affect at max level is challenge modes, where I have seen anecdotal reports of tanks pulling huge amounts of trash to stack Vengeance super high and kill them extremely fast. All in all, a nothing change really.

FFF Resets Melee Swing Timer

A week and a half ago reports on MMO-Champ surfaced about FFF resetting the melee swing timer. This was fairly easy to confirm without even looking at a combat log.

The funny thing is, this exact bug was fixed a long time ago (Wrath I think). Basically it’s a total RPS loss to ever use FFF over Thrash right now. Took me a few tries but I finally got GC to respond. It’s on their radar now so I hope it’ll be fixed relatively quickly.

That’s all the news for the past week! I’ve been getting heavily into soloing old raid content in the last couple of weeks, and I’ll be talking about my adventures in this weekend’s article.


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