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I had originally meant to post this last night to replace the regular 10m content, but unfortunately I was stupid and forgot to fully download the PTR client :( – in any case, here’s everything you need to know about the new ability Guardians are gaining in 5.1: Empowered Maul

For reference I’ve included links to the tests performed below:

Control Test
Haste Test
Hit Test
Combat Test
Absorb Test

Proc Rate / ICD

In the brief testing I did last night, it didn’t feel like it had a PPM restriction or an ICD. However the real way to figure this out is with actual combat logs. Our “control” test was done at 0% Haste (2.5s Attack Speed) vs a lvl 60 target dummy, to remove any possibility of missing the target. Our 2nd test was done with as much Haste Rating as I could find with a premade. This got me to 18.39% Haste (2.11s Attack Speed). Both tests were conducted over a period of about 15 minutes and 15 seconds, give or take.

Control Results

The control test resulted in 369 melee attacks, generating 152 Empowered Maul procs. Simple math gives us a proc rate of ~0.412, which is basically the stated rate of 40%. The appropriate combat log information from the control test is included below.

Haste Test Results

The haste test resulted in 431 melee attacks, generating 178 Empowered Maul procs. Again with simple math we see the proc rate has not changed from the control test of ~0.412. If this ability had a PPM limit of any kind, we would expect that the number of procs would be unaffected by Haste. Clearly this is not the case. Combat log exerpts included below.


To check if there is an ICD – which seems fairly unlikely from the Haste test results – all we need to do is pull up WoL’s Expression Editor. By using the simple query sourcename=”Ariellee” and spell=”Tooth and Claw” we limit the results to only the procs we are interested in. Right on the front page we see that it can proc as fast as the melee attack speed I was able to get. Now it is possible there is an ICD of a lower value than the 2.11 attack speed I was able to achieve, but I think that’s unlikely.

Hit Test

The next test is to see what effect having to hit your target has on this new proc. To do so I took a character with 0% Hit and 0% Expertise, and let them smack a boss dummy. This resulted in a total of 282 attacks landing on the target, while 87 did not. Now if you are required to land a melee attack, we would expect that the number procs would go down from the control test. And they do. I ended up with a total of 113 procs for this test. Comparing this to the number of attacks that landed we find that the proc rate is essentially exactly 40%. We can conclude from this that you must hit your target with an auto attack (it can be blocked or be a glancing blow) in order to proc an Empowered Maul.


It’s fairly easy to find out if it works with the glyph. Simply add the glyph, stand next to two targets, and see what happens. Unfortunately WoL is mean and won’t upload logs that are “too short”. However I’ve included a snippet of the appropriate log to show that the glyph does not allow you to debuff more than 1 target with 1 Maul.


The only remaining test is actual combat conditions. When is the damage reduced? How does it work with Savage Defense? To test this I took my level 90 premade out to fight a random neutral crane. The very first thing we see is that this acts like an absorption effect. If this was intended to reduce unmitigated damage, I would’ve taken some damage no matter how much the auto attack was reduced. However since the auto attack is reduced to 0, we know for a fact that it is calculated after standard mitigation like Armor and percentage damage reduction cooldowns.

But what happens if you dodge the next auto attack? The debuff stays on the target. As you can see in the combat log below, the crane is afflicted with Tooth and Claw right before I dodge its next autoattack. However the debuff does not fade, and it instead affects the next autoattack that hits me. This makes Empowered Maul incredibly powerful with Savage Defense.

Update – Absorb Test

Wens was able to download the PTR and help me out with testing the absorbs from Tooth and Claw. It turns out that the absorb stacks (although I don’t have a combat log of that) from multiple applications. However what I do have is a combat log to show that applications from one person will reduce the damage taken by another. I’ve included an excerpt of the combat log below.

As you can see the Tooth and Claw that I applied to the mob reduced the melee damage that Wens took. He died shortly thereafter (because he fails at dancing). But this is definitely one of the things I was worried about with regards to this ability. I have a feeling this will get fixed in short order because it’s ridiculously overpowered. So it stacking the absorption amount (for obvious reasons).


  • This is certainly a really neat way of making Maul more attractive than pooling Rage. It’s obviously not as powerful as either Frenzied Regeneration or Savage Defense, nor should it be. However it does become a better option than simply sitting on your butt with a full Rage bar waiting to take damage.
  • The value of Haste as a stat will increase dramatically with this change.
  • The desire to be Hit and Expertise capped is further reinforced.
  • This cannot affect damage taken by others. Otherwise we end up with exactly the same situation as Bearcat – something only we can do when not tanking. Easiest fix to this is to drop the floor off of it, and have it only be affected by Vengeance.


  • Growlgrrl says:

    I’ve been thinking about the idea that this is OP for reducing the dmg another tank takes while OTing, but Monks (Guard) Warriors (Vigilance) and Pallies (Hand of Sacrifice) can all reduce the dmg another tank takes and all of those abilities (imo) are stronger than the reduction we can do w/ zero vengeance.

    • Arielle says:

      For Monks, their statue doesn’t always guarantee it will land on a tank. Quite often other raid members are lower than tanks, which means they would end up being the target of the bubble. T&C will always affect whoever the mob is attacking.

      Vigiliance is a cooldown, and does not actually prevent any damage. It transfers it to the warrior. Further it doesn’t play nice with Avoidance whereas T&C does.

      Same deal with HoSac.

      But the biggest reason is that we don’t have to sacrifice anything in order to apply it. We Maul anyway when not tanking, usually on cooldown unless pooling Rage for a swap. So your co-tank is going to receive extra damage reduction (on some fights, not all obviously) for free.

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